The necessities of
High-end electric vehicles

Better cooling performance, lower thermal resistance, lighter weight, Amulaire provide cooling fins with the best design to meet all of your needs.

Customization Capability

Amulaire has the skill set, capability and discipline to fulfill our customers’ needs from design, optimization, prototyping, new product introduction to mass roduction.

Customers entrust us with mechanical design, thermal design, thermofluid analysis and stress analysis. Amulaire's rich experiences in metal forming and processing allow customers to not only design for manufacturing but design for high-yield production.

Unique MIM Technology

Amulaire's leading powder metallurgy technology is your best choice for producing complicated and large PIN / FIN.

Our advanced metal powder injection molding technology can form complex workpieces with just one step. Saving time for further processing.

U-Cup Design

Patent, Liquid cooling, Higher thermal performance, Lower pressure lost

U-Cup & I-Cut

Patent, Liquid cooling, Higher thermal performance, Lower pressure lost

Successful Experiences

Amulaire's cooling products are mainly used in hybrid and pure electric vehicles, accounting for up to 98% of gross production.
Our service and sales cover Europe, North America and Japan. Our products can be easily found in electric and hybrid vehicles worldwide.


23-year R&D and manufacturing experience of liquid coolers


EVs models


Over 5 million coldplates applied on EVs inverters