R&D Capability and Services

Amulaire provides cutting-edge technology to meet customers’ needs.

Leading Technology

Amulaire has the professional skill set to meet customers’ needs from design, optimization, sampling, new product introduction to mass production.


Leader of MIM Technology

Mold Design and Manufacturing:

The Amulaire mold development team has development experience of over 10 years. The mold design and manufacturing processes are all accomplished internally to ensure mold quality and scheduling.

Product Design and Analysis:

In Amulaire’s Design Team, we have gathered talents with over 10 years’ experiences in heat dissipation and other related fields. We’ve also been working on electric vehicles for more than 7 years. That’s the reason why we can offer optimized designs and analysis results rapidly and customized designs as per the requirements to meet various needs.

Process Planing
and Verification:

There are talents with machining, materials science and chemical engineering related expertise in Amulaire’s Process Team. Most of them have engineering experiences for over 10 years, making it possible for them to make an integrated processing plan and undergo verification. Our R&D team can also offer corresponding planning and verification services if the customer has any specific requirements.

R&D capability

Enhance the analysis capability and continuously develop innovative design and technology

Enhance Analysis Capability

In order to provide more comprehensive heat dissipation solutions, besides possessing the design capability to run a simulation from design to production stage, Amulaire also gradually builds the Material Analysis and Test & Reilability Laboratory, Performance Analysis Equipment and other verification equipment to collect a database of material properties and product reliability to face future challenges from different applications and meet the customers' diversified needs.

Innovative Design

Amulaire has developed innovative designs, such as NanoPinTM, Non-linear Fin, U-cup Fin and I-cut Fin, and obtained the corresponding patents. They are all for the purpose of offering better heat dissipation performance, lower flow resistance and lighter cooling fins. Amulaire is your best choice to fulfill these automotive requirements. We will continue to introduce innovative designs in the future and provide better heat dissipation products.

New Heat Dissipation Structure 

Except for cooling plates inside the thermal module for automobiles, there are special layers of heat dissipation structures between the cooling plate and heat source. The thermal conductivity, insulativity and long-term reliability of these structures should be considered. Amulaire has devoted ourself to the R&D, developing new patterns of heat dissipation structures based on the characters of cooling plates to satisfy customers' demands for Automotive modules.

R&D Team

The team consists of talents with over 10 years of experience in heat dissipation and other related fields

Educational background

Work experience



Dispersive Spectrometer


HIPOT tester

High Potential Tester

Solid Edge

Scanning Electron Microscope


ProcessingMold processing



ProcessingMold processing

EDM drill

ProcessingMold processing

CNC milling machine

TestingReliability test

Constant temperature & humidity chamber

TestingHeat transfer coefficient test

Laser thermal conductivity analyzer

TestingDensity test

True density analyzer

TestingSpecific surface area test

Surface area analyzer

TestingCoefficient of thermal expansion test


TestingSealing test

Helium leak detector

TestingThermal performance test

Measurement device for the thermal performance of the water-cooled plate

SoftwareMachining simulation software

PowerMILL software

Software3D drawing


SoftwareThermofluid simulation and analysis

Flow Simulation

Software2D drawing


Patent Certificates

Amulaire has been granted patents in different countries

US10015907B2 Heat Dissipating Device
新型第M566403號 IGBT模組散熱結構