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Manufacturing capability of 20000 mm² and large MIM components.

Tier1 in Supply Chain with No.1 Market Share

We are a professional MIM company with past products focused on the cooling components for the electronics industry, including cooling components of CPU/GPU and cooling modules of supercomputers. From our previous R&D experience, we have developed large MIM products step by step and become one of the few companies in the world capable of manufacturing large 20000 mm² MIM copper components.

Since 2008, our product R&D effort began to focus on the cooling components for high power electronics for major Tier1 automobile part manufacturers. As the available space in vehicles is limited, our products are ideal for such applications that need to dissipate the excessive amount of heat generated during the operation of IGBT in electric/hybrid vehicles. Additionally, governments and carmakers around the world began to develop electric and hybrid vehicles at the same year. Our work on this field application was thus started.

20000 mm²

Manufacturer of larger MIM copper

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