Better heat dissipation performance, lower flow resistance & lighter cooling design.

Forging technology

Lightweight has always been the goal that the automotive industry keeps pursuing. The application of aluminum alloy plays an important role in the field of heat dissipation. The common manufacturing processes of one-piece aluminum radiators includes aluminum extrusion, aluminum die casting and aluminum forging. However, the extrusion process cannot manufacture fins with high density to fulfill the cooling requirements, and the aluminum alloy used for die casting has poor thermal conductivity. This makes forging the best manufacturing process for automotive cooling systems.

The advantages of Amulaire's Forging Technology:

  • Suitable for aluminum alloys with high conductivity to enhance their heat dissipation capability.
  • Applicable for various types of fins to meet design requirements.
  • Capable of making fins with a high slenderness ratio to enlarge the area for heat dissipation.
  • Design products with no draft angle to satisfy designer’s needs and maintain cooling performance.
  • One-stop service – Amulaire provides all of the services from design, molding, production, quality control to sales.

Forging Process

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