Quality Policy

Stringent design verification and testing to ensure product functionality and sustainability.

Every Detail Counts

Customer satisfaction

Amulaire always serves our customers with sincerity and passion. We also execute appropriate controls properly to ensure product conformity and meet customer requirements.

Rapid & effective improvement

Amulaire keeps improving our quality with the attitude of effectiveness and efficiency. In order to achieve our quality objectives, we implement corrections and preventive actions as well.

Innovative technology

Amulaire leverages its outstanding teams and resources to develop new technologies. All programs and plans are executed effectively. Our teams work together to develop advanced technology and environment-friendly products to satisfy customers and applicable statuary and regulatory requirements.

Total involvement & team operation

We operate with total involvement of our people and establish an environment for infinite learning in order to make our personnel the best team in the world.

Process-based quality management system flow chart

Quality Assurance

Actuating the company's quality management system to ensure good management practices and the implementation of all relevant regulations as well as maintain superior workflows.

Quality Control

Amulaire operates with a quality assurance system. We value the interaction between QA (quality assurance) and QC (quality control) within overall production activities. By means of the system of processes, testing equipment, measuring equipment of the testing center and process testing equipment, we undergo quality management and measurement verification in terms of the quality of each product. Amulaire protects the interests of our customers and provides a stable quality that meets customer demand for products and services by offering quality assurance and process standardization.


  • Design validation / Reliability test
  • Instrument calibration / Measurement center
  • DOC / System audit
  • Response to customer complaint / 8D improvement


  • IQC / Process inspection
  • Receiving inspection / Shipment inspection
  • SOP / SIP monitoring
  • Statistical analysis / Anomaly analysis

International Certification

The quality certification is just the beginning. The point is continual improvement of the quality system. Our quality assurance system is built on the foundation of IATF16949. It helps us establish a complete process-oriented quality system by means of monitoring and improving each process. The final goal is to consider and satisfy customers’ needs.

LinKou_ISO14001_Exp 20241004(1/2)
LinKou_ISO14001_Exp 20241004 (Eng) (2/2)
TongLuo_ISO14001_Exp 20241004(1/2)
TongLuo_ISO14001_Exp 20241004 (Eng) (2/2)
LinKou_ISO45001_Exp 20241004 (1/2)
LinKou_ISO45001_Exp 20241004 (Eng)(2/2)
TongLuo_ISO45001_Exp 20241004 (1/2)
TongLuo_ISO45001_Exp 20241004 (Eng) (2/2)