Human Resource

Join forces in the inheritance of culture and improvement of value to create a happy enterprise

In Amulaire, employees are our biggest assets. We commend and reward employees with great contribution. We try to create a work environment that allows our employees to pursue excellence, make accomplishment and foster future.

Happy Life & Work

In Amulaire, we value every member of the company. We are the essential partners for each other. We work hard to create a healthy and comfortable work environment in order for our employees to live their happy lives in a happy work environment.

Happy Work Environment

We devote ourselves to the provision of a safe and healthy work environment, stylish workspace and bright and comfortable dining area for our employees to work happily in Amulaire.

Focus on Employee Health

We create a smoke-free workplace, set up breastfeeding rooms for working mothers and provide biannual free health examination. In addition, various activities are organized for employees to relax at appropriate times to maintain their physical and mental health.

Employee Care System

Every new employee has been assigned to a dedicated counselor for them to get familiar with their work and living environments. This helps new employees to adapt to the culture at their workplace and the function they hold quicker. Dinner parties are also organized to improve the communication between company management and employees for the creation of a friendly workplace that feels like home.

Continuous Growth & Self-actualization

In Amulaire, we believe our employees are the most valuable company assets. By providing our employees with a continuous growing work environment on the basis of our complete functional training system, career development planning and knowledge sharing platform.

New Employee Orientation Training

We will help our new employees quickly understand company culture, values and overall objectives. Company information is provided for new employees to familiarize themselves with company structure, staff and environment.

Technical Training

We encourage our employees to share and pass on their work-related knowledge, skill and experience for the purpose of internal resource sharing. Our frontline employees are trained and certified with their respective professional skills in order for them to promote their skills and ensure product quality.

External Training

We encourage our employees to participate in the training conducted by external professional organizations to improve their expertise.

Supervisor Training

We have developed a training system for supervisors of all levels based on different management functions. This enables supervisors to equip themselves with the management capabilities required for departmental management.

Promotion Program

Based on employee character, abilities and expectations, they will be promoted through different channels, such as management, technical and administration each year, by means of personalized education training and review system, in consideration of our needs for organizational development and their personal career planning.

Employee suggestion program

In Amulaire, we have established a comprehensive proposal rewards system that encourages employees to engage in company operation. Any employee proposal on the improvement of operation quality and work environment will be formally compensated and rewarded once it has been approved by the operation review procedure.

Active Learning

Multiple self-learning channels are provided, including internal reading rooms, premium online courses and internal knowledge sharing, for employees to learn actively and develop their personal capabilities.

Join Amulaire

We have been committing ourselves to the spirit of sharing profits with our employees. Through diverse remuneration portfolios and complete benefits programs, the company will work with you to pursue our dreams step by step and establish the solid base and financial strength to realize them. This drives Amulaire to grow on a continuous basis and take on the challenge of the next peak at a steady pace.

Employee Compensation

12 months of monthly salaries plus bonuses for the three Chinese festivals. A total of 13.5 months of guaranteed annual salary.


n addition to the guaranteed annual salary, the company will provide performance bonus and payout based on company profits. Employees can calculate bonuses clearly from their achievement of respective departmental and personal performance targets.

Employee Stock Option

To share our operating results with employees, we promote the system of employee stock option to make our employees our stockholders, directly benefiting from such results.

Flexible Leave Program

A flexible leave system is implemented for our employees to plan their schedule beforehand. All types of leaves are legally granted.

Employee Benefits Program

The benefits of subsidies for wedding and funeral, consolation money for sickness and injury, baby bonus and birthday cash gift are provided. To further provide our employees with protections against accidents and disasters, employees are covered by the company’s group insurance in addition to their legal coverage under Taiwan’s labor and national health insurances.

Dining Allowance

Our employees are provided with a convenient and comfortable dining environment with the dining allowance of lunch or dinner and various meal options.

Employee Activities

In addition to the regular year-end, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival banquets, we organize staff travel, fun contests and seminars annually to increase employee engagement and create a work environment just like home.