Product Services

Design and simulate products with high efficiency. Manufacture reliable and quality cooling parts.

One-stop and Tailored Services

With its efficient product design and simulation, stable production, reliable quality and 24/7 after-sales service, Amulaire can fulfill customers’ every need.

As the awareness of environmental protection keeps on rising, governments of many countries aim to promote the development of electric and hybrid vehicles. The importance of these vehicles will become even more paramount. The development of electric and hybrid vehicles will become a major goal of automotive suppliers. There will be not only one type of electric / hybrid vehicle in any automotive company, but various types will be manufactured in the future.

Amulaire introduces automation equipment in response to the rapidly rising market demand. Automated production can increase productivity efficiently and decrease unstable factors in the process of satisfying the demanding requirements of the automotive industry.


Amulaire is a member of Tier1 suppliers with an invincible market share.

Off the Shelf Availability

  1. The Thermal Modules and Parts of Inverters

    The thermal modules and parts of inverters The main products are the thermal modules and parts of the “inverters” in hybrid and electric vehicles. The task of an “inverter” is to boost and convert DC power of a battery to AC power and use it to drive the core parts that are necessary for running an electric motor. To ensure the continuous operation of inverters, the heat generated during power conversion should be dissipated effectively. Amulaire’s compact thermal modules with high power dissipation become a critical part for inverters.
  2. Others

    Heat dissipation systems and parts of high power electronic systems (e.g. servers and supercomputers) and consumer electronics (e.g. projectors and CPU/GPU).


One-stop and Tailored Services

  • All the services from product design to mass production are covered by Amulaire.
  • The best design and quality assurance.
  • Provides real-time response and support for any need.
  • Manufactures products as per the needs of customers. There is no repeatability with the products made by other factories.
  • One-on-one service. There is no need to contact different people.
  • Exclusive products. High design flexibility.
  • Low cost, high efficiency and high mass productivity.
  • Leverage welding craftsmanship to provide integrated water-cooled radiators.

Simulation Analysis

Amulaire has extensive experience in various simulation analysis and process design. By considering the performance, feasibility of mass productivity and production cost, we provide the most competitive heat-dissipation solutions. Amulaire is capable in various simulations including:

  • Thermal simulation analysis

Design the best heat dissipation solution with feasibility of mass production and excellent cost competitiveness. we integrate multiple forming technologies with accurate simulation analysis.

  • Mold-flow simulation analysis

Mold-flow simulation analysis reduces the design cycle, shorten the chance of trial and error and waste of resource.

  • Stress analysis

During the design phase, we use stress analysis to estimate the stress, level of deformation to adjust the solution and ensure the fulfillment of product requirements.

Metal Injection Molding (MIM)

  • Amulaire's R&D team with over 10 years experiences could offer better heat dissipation, lower flow resistance and lighter weight design to meet customer's needs.
  • For various applications of heat dissipation
  • Mass-production proven capability
  • Heat transfer applications of high power chips, specifically for IGBT


  • Suitable for aluminum alloys with high conductivity to enhance their heat dissipation capability.
  • Applicable for various types of fins to meet design requirements.
  • Capable of making fins with a high slenderness ratio to enlarge the area for heat dissipation.
  • Design products with no draft angle to satisfy designer’s needs and maintain cooling performance.
  • One-stop service – Amulaire provides all of the services from design, molding, production, quality control to sales.


Brazing is a method of jointing raw material by melting filler. With long-term mass production and in-house jig development, the valuable experience enables us to meet various design requirements. Meanwhile, our special brazing joint design improves the overall brazing quality significantly to ensure the highest quality of products.

Friction Stir Welding (FSW)

Friction Stir Welding (FSW) is a new welding technology developed by The Welding Institute (TWI). It is a solid phase bonding process that uses the heat energy generated by the friction of stirring head to soften and blend the materials, and apply pressure at welding position to complete the welding. In the field of automotive heat dissipation, FSW is an important technology for large-size work pieces welding.